About Us

Hello there,

Thank you for visiting us online. If you have a moment, we would like to tell you a bit about Ace Hardware.

Ace Hardware is a world leading hardware retailer from the United States of America that was founded in the 1920's.  Today, it is the largest retailer-owned cooperative and clear leader in the convenience segment of the hardware industry. Don’t be surprised if you’ve seen the Ace Hardware brand overseas as Ace Hardware has over 4600 stores across 60 over countries!

Ace Hardware’s ambition is to become a highly focused retail organization with the most helpful hardware stores on the planet. As such, being helpful is the guiding principle in everything we do.

The wide range of products we carry are not only limited to fix-and-replace type solutions but also include hardware and niche items to improve your way of life. You will find many brands imported directly from the United States that are unavailable in other hardware stores. And of course, our helpful staff personnel are always on hand to provide you with any helpful advice you may require.

We don’t intend to be helpful only through our solutions and customer service though. We pursue sustainability within our operations through education of environmental awareness amongst our staff. Participation in the “No plastic bag day” campaign is our first initiative towards helping the environment. When we call ourselves the helpful place, we really do mean it.

So do drop by your nearest Ace Hardware store today and let us help you to maintain and improve your home.


ACE Private Label

Sold exclusively in Ace Hardware stores and home centres worldwide, each Ace Private Label product is stamped with a guarantee of its quality.



Quality Standards

Manufactured and independently tested to the same demanding quality standards as the leading global brands. This ensures that all Ace Private Label products are certified to be as good as, if not better than, the leading global brands.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Our hand tools carry a full lifetime guarantee and all other Ace Private Label products are stamped with a satisfaction guarantee. If an Ace Private Label product fails to meet your satisfaction, simply return it to the Ace Hardware store where you purchased it for a free replacement at participating stores.


Product Selection

Ace Private Label products are available in every major hardware category to fit all your home improvement needs. A complete selection is offered in hand and power tools, electrical, plumbing, cleaning, lawn and garden, automotive, paint and paint sundries.