Painting gives an instant makeover to the look and feel of your home. Ace Hardware carries a long list of brands with many colour selections to choose from to fit your likes and tastes. Add more colours to your life and spruce up your living areas!

Before you jump right into the paint job itself, preparation is required and we have all the prepatory paint supplies you need.

Take a few moments to repair the holes in the walls and fill in cracks and crevices around doors and windows with caulk and sealants. Then, use sandpaper to smooth down the rough spots and create clean edges by applying painter's tape around windows, doors and where the walls meet the ceiling and floor.

Having applied the painter's tape, you are now ready to begin painting! Ensure that you have enough paint trays per painter and a few extra if you are applying more than one paint. Paint rollers will help speed up paint application but it's necessary to have a few different sized paint brushes on hand. They will be used to fill in the tight spots.

After you have finished your paint job, remember to clean your paint tools using soap and water. With proper care, paint brushes can be used more than once. Preserving your tools will help save time and money. For more helpful advice, visit your nearest Ace Hardware store.


Ace Hardware also stock paint for faux finishings (marble / wood finish paints) and speciality paints such as chalkboard paint.